How will Social Media Affect my Application?

Social Media has quickly become an integral part of our lives. We use social media to connect with friends, family, and even potential employers and colleagues. In an age of technological advancement social media has become a way for someone to interact with people all over the world. Along with that, social media can be influential in the way the world sees you.

It is known that there are many aspects that go into a college application, and in this day and age colleges are no longer just looking for a good student to join their ranks but a good person as well. Although there are thousands of kids applying to college every year, and millions of applications to go through, admissions officers all over the world do take the time to scour the internet for the social media presence of prospective students. In fact, the latest Kaplan Test survey of admissions officers gathered that over 36% of colleges and universities visited applicants’ various accounts. This may not seem like a large percentage, however it is a 25% increase from the year before, and due to the extremely different college admissions process due to COVID-19, social media will definitely play a much larger role.

In the upcoming admission season, social media will not be a factor that will get you into a college, however it can easily be a reason as to why you do NOT receive admission. Officers specifically look for evidence of discrimination, illegal activity, and violence as clear red flags. Jokes that might suggest insensitivity, as well as images that depict violence and drug usage will automatically put an end to any chance you had for acceptance into any reputable institution. It is also worth noting that in the recent political climate, it is best to keep your political views private. Colleges are looking for students that fit a specific image and will represent values similar to the ones that the institution holds, recently, many students who have publicized radical political views have found themselves getting their college acceptances rescinded and revoked, all for a thoughtless Instagram post. It is important that your social media accounts do not present you as potentially problematic or morally questionable, instead, it should bolster your image and highlight aspects of your life that can not be included on an application.

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